The North Dade Area 24 Hour Room Ad Hoc Committee provides a place for addicts to fellowship with each other during the holiday season, so that no addict need be alone.  The committee establishes a location for addicts to meet, arranges group meetings and accepts food, drink and coffee donation from groups and NA members.

24 Hour Room Location
Fulford United Methodist Church

1900 NE 164th St, North Miami Beach, FL 33162


24 Hour Room Schedule

Friday December 22 | 2pm - 2am

Saturday December 23 | 12pm - 2am

Sunday December 24 (Christmas Eve) | 12pm - 2am

Monday December 25 (Christmas Day) | 12pm - 2am

Christmas Dinner 4pm - 6pm
Groups Please Bring Food by 3pm

Christmas Dinner 4pm - 6pm

Tuesday December 25 | 2pm - 2am

Wednesday December 27 | 2pm - 2am

Thursday December 28 | 2pm - 2am

Friday December 29 | 2pm - 2am

Saturday December 30 | 12pm - 2am

Sunday December 31 (New Year's Eve) | 12pm - 2am

New Year's Eve Dance 9:30pm Until

Monday January 1 (New Years Day) | 10:00am - 12am

For more information contact Naomi (786) 316-6250 0r Vonya (786) 587-5853

The North Dade Area would like to wish everyone a Safe, Clean, and Serene Holiday Season

North Dade Area Of

Narcotics Anonymous

The 24 Hour Room