North Dade Area of Narcotics Anonymous Service 
Policy and Procedure Manual 
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World Service of NA

A Guide to Local Service Handbook


Service Statement

“Everything that occurs in the course of NA Service must be motivated by the desire to more successfully carry the message of recovery to the addict who still suffers. It was for this reason that we began this work. We must always remember that as individual members, groups and service committees, we are not and should never be in competition with each other.
We work separately and together to help the newcomer and for our common good. We have learned, painfully, that internal strife cripples our Fellowship; and prevents us from providing the services necessary for growth.”
 ASC Service Inventory

Our 9th Tradition states: "N.A., as such, ought never be organized; but we may create
service boards or committees directly responsible to those they serve."

The North Dade Area Service Committee exists to carry the message of recovery in accordance
with the principles of this tradition. As such, the North Dade Area Service Committee should
always review itself periodically. Service committees, like individuals, often vary in personality.
Some grow and thrive, while others struggle to survive, and some even fail.

​A service inventory will help the North Dade Area keep things on track.
A service inventory, much like an individual inventory, should reflect both the strengths and
weaknesses of its services and participants, its growing pains, suggestions for improvement and its
adherence to the Twelve Traditions of NA.

Emphasis should be given overall to how the North Dade Area is performing its responsibilities to
the participants it serves. This inventory shall be done at least once a year in June, but may be
scheduled at other times if it is desirable to re-focus the Area on its mission.

Each participant of the ASC shall answer the questions contained in this format prior to arriving at
the service inventory meeting in March. Other topics may be included that address current issues or
concerns that the groups, the Area, the Region, or NA as a whole is facing at the discretion of the

The service inventory shall include the following questions:
* Generally, the inventory can be broken into parts:
* How did I do in the performance of my duties?
* Do I show up?
* Do I know what I am supposed to do? If not, have I consulted the North Dade ASC
  Guidelines, the Guide to Local Services, or the person who held this position before me?
* Do I do what I am supposed to do?
* Do I represent my group's conscience?
* Do I keep my Group, Subcommittee or Area, informed about the Area, Region and World
* How did the North Dade Area do in performance of its functions?
* As a representative of a meeting or subcommittee, do I feel confident that the North Dade Area will
  help my meeting or subcommittee resolve any problems it may face?

* Do the North Dade Area subcommittees serve the needs of my meeting or NA as a whole?
  Is my group's conscience being sought and heard when matters arise, which affected my meeting
  or NA as a whole?

  Our 12th Tradition states: “Anonymity is the spiritual foundation of all our Traditions, ever
  reminding us to place principles before personalities”.

* Does the North Dade Area remember our 12th Tradition and do we "place principles before

​​We are a spiritual fellowship. The function of the North Dade Area is to allow the
message of recovery to be carried through the services we provide.
​When we respect each other, even though we might disagree, and adhere to the principles stated in each of our Traditions, are a unified entity serving the fellowship of NA within the North Dade Area.
                            Twelve Concepts of NA Service
​1. To fulfill our fellowship’s primary purpose, the NA groups have joined    
     ​together to create a structure which develops, coordinates, and 
     ​maintains services on behalf of NA as a whole. 

​2. The final responsibility and authority for NA services rests with the NA  

​ 3. The NA groups delegate to the service structure the authority necessary 
      ​to fulfill the responsibilities assigned to it. 

​ 4. Effective leadership is highly valued in Narcotics Anonymous. Leadership
      ​qualities should be carefully considered when selecting trusted

​ 5. For each responsibility assigned to the service structure, a single point 
      ​of  decision and accountability should be clearly defined. 

​6.  Group conscience is the spiritual means by which we invite a loving God
      ​to influence our decisions. 

​7.  All members of a service body bear substantial responsibility for that
      ​body’s decisions and should be allowed to fully participate in its 
      ​decision- ​making processes.
​ 8. Our service structure depends on the integrity and effectiveness of our

​ 9.  All elements of our service structure have the responsibility to carefully
      ​consider all viewpoints in their decision-making processes. 

 10. Any member of a service body can petition that body for the redress of
        ​a personal grievance, without fear of reprisal. 

​11.  NA funds are to be used to further our primary purpose, and must be
        ​managed responsibly. 

​12.  In keeping with the spiritual nature of Narcotics Anonymous, our
        ​structure should always be one of service, never of government.