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Additional Guidelines

1. Any trusted servant could be removed from their position by 2/3’s affirmative vote of the ASC members.

2. All ASC trusted servants may succeed themselves in office once, but no one may serve more than two
   (2) Consecutive terms in the same position.

3. GSR’s (or their alternate in their absence) are the only voting members at the ASC meetings. No GSR may
    Vote on behalf of more than one group.

4. All ASC meetings are open to the fellowship. An open forum will be provided at the ASC meeting for non-   
    ​voting participants to address the ASC for a maximum of five (5) minutes, or the chair can grant extensions.

5.  To be recognized on the floor of the ASC GSRs must raise their hand, be called and be called upon to be 
6.  A quorum shall be one more than half of the voting participants. A quorum shall be established at the start of
     the ASC by roll call. That said quorum shall remain established until the end of the ASC meeting.

7.  A 2/3 majority vote is required for any procedural or policy change.

8.  The chair may vote only in the event of a tie.

9.  Discussion on motions shall be kept to a 1:1 ratio with a 2 per side limit (example: 1 pro, 1 con or 2 pros, 2  

10. It is the responsibility of the GSRs and the ASC trusted servants to acquaint themselves with the ASC
      ​Guidelines and the current NA service Manual.

11. GSR reports should be written or typed and should contain at least the following:
     ( A). Name of Group. (B). Day, Time, and Place of Meeting. (C). GSR and Alternate Name, Address, Phone
      Number and Email if available. (D). A Group report including and situations, problems, or difficulties.
     (E). Amount of donation to the ASC. (F). Suggestions to the ASC.

12. Sub Committee Reports should be written or typed and should contain committee information

13. GSRs will give their donations and Literature orders to the ASC Treasurer a half hour prior to the opening of
      the ASC meeting. Literature orders may be picked up after the meeting.

14. All New Groups must register and receive a free Starters kit.

15. If an issue falls under the responsibility of an existing committee the issue shall be referred to that   

16. Motions should be submitted to the ASC vice chair in writing on appropriate form prior to the start of 
      ​the ASC and no more that (15) fifteen minutes in the ASC meeting
. Included in the motion will be
      A. The Maker of the Motion B. A 2nd of the motion by a group. C. The Nature and Intent of the Motion.
      D. Identify if motion is a change in policy. E. If motion must go back to groups.
     The maker of the motion shall be given (3) three minutes on the floor to explain the motion.

17. No Motion which has been defeated, may be reintroduced at the ASC for at least (3) three months 
      ​following such a defeat
. Likewise no motion seeking to reverse passage of a motion by the ASC may be 
      ​introduced for ​(3) three months following the passage of such motion.

18. The ASC Secretary, to determine the reason for groups absences, will contact any group not represented at 
      ​the ASC for two (2) consecutive months. If the group misses the following ASC after being contacted, its name 
      ​shall be dropped from the roll all, and subsequently the meeting list if no contact has been made by the 
      ​Meeting list Chair and/or Outreach committee.

19. It is expected that all ASC Trusted servants will have an understanding and a commitment towards upholding 
      the 12 Traditions of NA. Trusted servants shall attend all meetings of the ASC, as well as any interim
      meetings called by the Administrative Committee. In the event that a trusted servant misses more than (2)
      Consecutive ASC or administrative committee meetings, after discussion continuation of service for the
      duration of the term shall be voted on by the ASC.