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An Area Service Committee (A.S.C) is a committee made up of representatives (G.S.R.s) from the Groups, Administrative Officers, and Sub Committee persons within designated areas which meets monthly for the express purpose of serving the specific needs of its members groups.

The most important service which an ASC provides is that of its groups support. Whenever a group has a specific situation or need which it has not been able to handle on its own, it can come to this Area Service Committee for help. These situations are almost limitless in scope. However, we have learned that we can get much accomplished when we work together.

An area service committee performs other functions, which are of help to the groups. It can help groups get started or give aid to foundering groups. It can hold workshops and seminars to train trusted servants. It can look for potential places to keep a stock literature which groups can purchase. The point is that an ASC handles whatever functions are necessary or helpful to its groups.

In order to provide these services, an ASC needs active participation of GSRS. A group supports its ASC both financially and spiritually. It takes money to provide these services. It is the responsibility of the groups to provide this support. However, as an Area grows, its financial needs also grow. In order to provide a full line of services it requires a steady flow of money. Some areas provide these funds through activities. These alternate courses of financial support are helpful, but the bulk of the responsibility still falls on the groups in the area.

Group Service Representative

The active participation of each group representative is essential for a successful Area Service Committee. Each GSR must keep their own group informed and must represent that groups conscience in all ASC decisions. GSR's provide the ASC with monthly written and oral reports of their group's activities, changes in group meeting times and locations, distribute group activity flyers, etc. The GSR brings literature order purchases and donations from the groups to the Treasurer of the ASC. The GSR is also responsible for taking important information from the ASC back to the groups so that each group and individual member of NA will be informed of all ASC, Regional and world matters. The GSR is the voice of the group at the ASC meeting and in turn maintains active communication with the Regional and World services as well as the individual member of NA. The GSR is integral to insuring that Traditions, Concepts, adopted ASC policy and Rules of order are adhered to during ASC business, and that business is maintained in the spirit of recovery.
An Alternate GSR is elected to serve the group in the absence (and addition to) the GSR to ensure that the group is represented. While only one member can represent the group during roll call and voting matters, the alternate GSR may assist the GSR with note taking during the meeting, flyer distribution, providing oral and written reports to the ASC, and ultimately assuming the GSR position after term or in the event the GSR can no longer serve.
GSR Reports should be written or typed and should contain at least the following:
A. Name of Group. B. Day, Time, and Place of Meeting. C. GSR and Alternate Name, Address, Phone Number and Email if available. D. A Group report including and situations, problems, or difficulties. E. Amount of donation to the ASC. F. Suggestions to the ASC.