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Financial Guidelines

1. The North Dade Area Service will establish one checking account. Donations from groups, funds from literature
    sales, funds from fundraising events and donations from sub-committees should be kept in this account.
    The funds collected are to be allocated to the payment of rent, purchasing of literature, seed monies for sub
    committee functions, reimbursement of administrative expenses and purchases and other miscellaneous financial
    concerns that may arise. After replenishing a prudent reserve when needed e, excess funds are usually sent to
    Regional Service by motion of the ASC.

The Treasurer should issue a receipt to all groups for donations and literature purchases made to the ASC. This
     will create a written history of financial activity and help facilitate the bookkeeping of both the group and the ASC.

 3. ASC funds should be deposited in a bank account within 72 hours of the ASC meeting.
    There are to be (3) three co signers on the bank account, and two signature of the co-signers on each written check
    The ASC Treasurer, ASC Chairperson, ASC vice Chair, Ass't Treasurer or Secretary is recommended as co- signers.
.    Upon election as one of those administrative officers a date will be set up for the recording of signatures at the bank.
     Setting up an account this way will protect ASC funds. It will also help the treasurer keep track of fellowship money
     by providing him or her with financial records from an outside source—in this case, the bank’s records.

 4. A monthly financial bank statement will be sent to the ASC's post office box and made available to the ASC upon

 5. The ASC treasurer should make a written financial report of contributions and expenditures at each regularly
     scheduled meeting Of the ASC, as well as an oral report as formatted during the ASC meeting agenda.

 6. Bank Statements and other financial records should be given to the ASC secretary for record keeping quarterly.

 7.The ASC secretary will include a treasurer's report in the monthly minutes and a written treasurer's report will be
     presented to ASC members no later than the following ASC.

  8. No ASC member may borrow funds from the ASC treasury. 

  9. At the ASC level of service, there should be only one person handling the funds: the treasurer.

10..The ASC should audit all its financial records at least once a year, and whenever there is a change in treasurers.

10. It is vital that every treasurer hand over his or her records to the next treasurer. Doing this will preserve much-
     needed continuity and history.

11 All trusted servants (including RCM & Alt RCM attending RSC, outside Dade/Broward over 75 miles will receive
     one nights lodging Plus tax at Regional Hotel, $25.00 for food, and $.40 cents per mile for transportation with valid

12.The RCM or Alternate RCM will act as Sub-Committee chair in the absence of a sub-committee chair at RSC, if
     attendance is required for 2 days or more, reimbursement will be for each additional night's lodging a Regional
     Hotel, plus $25.00 for food with valid receipts.

13.The ASC will have four (4) co-signers on the bank account with two (2) signatures required on checks.

14.The ASC must approve all monies that are spent.