Parliamentary Procedures continued                                                                                                      page 16

Point of Information
A Point of Information is a question directed to the Chair to obtain information concerning a parliamentary procedure or the motion that is pending. This allows a member to ask a question, but is not to be used to make a statement or give information or opinions.

Point of Order
When a member feels that the rules, policy, or guidelines of the ASC are not being adhered to, he/she can rise to a point of order. This is in effect asks the Chair to make a determination of whether or not the procedure the member is pointing out is in fact being violated. A point of order is not a method by which to dispute the accuracy or validity of another member's remarks, but instead is to bring to the attention of the chair and the ASC the possibility that proper procedure is not being followed.

Suspend the Rules
A motion to suspend the rules is made when a member of the ASC wishes to waive a certain ASC procedure.
The motion must include the rule to be suspended and the length of time it shall be suspended for. The motion requires a second and a 2/3 majority vote.

Appeal the Decision of the Chair
By electing the ASC chair, the ASC delegated to him/her the authority and duty t make necessary rulings on questions of parliamentary procedure. However any two members have the right to appeal the chairs decision
On a question. By one member making an appeal and another seconding it, the question is taken from the chair and given to the ASC for final decision. Debate will be limited t (1) one pro by the maker of the motion to appeal and (1) one con by the chair, limited to one minute each.

Impeachment Procedures
When a member of the Administrative Committee or a sub committee chairperson misses more that two consecutive meetings, fails to perform his/her duties ,they become subject to impeachment by the ASC. Prior to any vote on impeachment, a letter will be sent by the chair or by vice chair stating the basis for impeachment. Following the letter the person may make a rebuttal in writing on the floor of the ASC. Impeachment will be determined by a vote at the ASC meeting, following the sending of the letter.
Relapse falls under the heading of failure to perform duties. A 2/3 majority vote is required to impeach. The vote is performed by written closed ballot.

Resignation Procedures
A letter should be submitted to the ASC Chair (or Secretary) prior to the ASC meeting stating a member's need to resign and the reason for the resignation.