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Sub-Committees Descriptions & Responsibilities.

1. Activities
The Activities Sub-committee coordinates and plans activities which promote unity and fellowship in Narcotics
Anonymous. Any functions planned by this Sub Committee are to be presented to the ASC for approval
(examples: parties, picnics, sporting events, etc.).

2. Help Line/Public Information
The Help Line sub committee establishes, maintains, and coordinates an effective 24 hour
Seven days a week answering service. The purpose of this sub committee is to provide a means by which
a suffering addict can reach a member of Narcotics Anonymous at any time.
The Public Information part of this committee attempts to carry the Narcotics Anonymous message of
Recovery to Those who help or have contact with addicts (schools, religious organizations Judicial
/correctional system, the media etc and attempt to establish a channel of communication, not affiliation, with
these individuals and organizations. The sub committee attempts to establish these rules of communication
via presentations, radio shows, Public service announcements, posters, mail-outs, one on one interviews,
attendance at related conventions of the professional fields etc, the ways and means are innumerable

3. Hospitals & Institutions
The H&I sub committee is responsible for carrying the message of recovery to the addict that cannot come
to us or to an Institution which for any reason, has restrictions that differ from the (12) twelve traditions.
The Sub committee keeps a record of H&I meetings, coordinates panels, and establishes new meetings
in as many Hosp and Institutions as possible. The committee is accountable for all disbursed literature.

4. Literature
The Literature supply sub committee maintains a stock of NA books and pamphlets that can be purchased
by local groups at the monthly ASC meeting. In some Areas this sub committee may consists of two
People, in other Areas it may involved as many as a half dozen members who process group orders,
monitor stock levels, and reorder materials from the local NA office or the World Service office. To
maintain accountability for all Area funds, most Areas ask their Treasurer to serve as cashier for the
Literature sales. The sub committee then goes to the Treasurer for a check when it has to reorder stock.
To help organize the job of processing group orders tracking inventory, and reordering depleted items
contact the World service office for available resources.

5. Meeting List
The meeting list sub committee's primary purpose is to facilitate the printing of the North Dade or combined
Areas meeting list. This should be done as clearly and cheaply as possible in accordance with the group
conscience of the North Dade Area.

6. NDACNA (North Dade Area Convention of NA)
The purpose of the North Dade Area convention of NA is to bring our membership together in the
Celebration of Recovery. Meetings workshops, and other activities are scheduled to encourage unity and
fellowship among our members and will reflect the primary purpose of Narcotic Anonymous. The NDACNA
committee will carry out the financial and or contractual responsibilities of the annual convention. This will
be accomplished in accordance with convention guidelines. The convention committee will consists of an
Executive committee sub committee chaise and attending members. Executive members are elected by the
ASC. (Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and Hotel Liaison.) Sub committee chairs will be elected by
The executive committee and attending members.