North Dade Area 24 Hour Room Schedule of Events and info

The North Dade Area's 24 Hour room Sub committee provides a place for addicts to fellowship with others during the Holiday Season so that no addict need be alone..  The committee establishes a location for addicts to meet, arranges for groups to hold meetings around the clock, accepts food drinks, and coffee donations from groups and Individual members of NA, etc, and ensure that the building that the 24 hour room is located in is maintained and an atmosphere of recovery is maintained as well. This committee may hold fundraisers to help the Area financially.

Contact 24 Hour Room Chair Kathy J @ 786-370-4630 for more info​​

June 14, 2014
North Dade Area 24 Hour Room Kick Off Food & Dance Fundraiser
West Dixie Club 1636 ne 148th street​​​, North Miami
Dance & Food Sale $5, $8 couple, $3 H&I
10:00pm - 1:00am food, fun, fellowship
Contact Kathy​​​ 786-370-4630


Chicken & Fries  $5.00

Fish and Fries    $7.00

Sodas                $.50

Water                $1.00

All proceeds is going to support the 24 Hour Room.
Please come and support and lets have a good time!!!!!!!!!​​​​​​​​​​​
The 24 Hour Room Committee meeting has changed meeting location and time, we meet every 1st Saturday of month - 12:00pm
1521 nw 61st street apt # 8
contact Kathy J. for more info @ 786-370-4630​​
November 22, 2014               flyer
North Dade Area 24 Hour Room Committee Fundraiser
Meeting, Fashion Show, and Dance
Serenity By The Sea 3561 NW 9th ave, Oakland Park, Fort Laud.
Time 9:00 pm - 2:00am Food Sales at cost
Contact Ophelia @ 786-541-6058, Kathy J. 786-374-4630​​​​​​​, John T 786-202-4100